The Business Channel provides directors and senior executives in both the public and private sectors with business documentaries that not only go to the heart of how businesses  can grow strategically, but through the power of film provide expert advice to help in the planning, growth and prosperity of their businesses. Are you interested in more information about our business documentaries? Please get in contact.


Offering examples and advice, the Business Channel’s commentators supply invaluable case studies and market commentaries that provide a business barometer.


Providing the editorial foundation of our business documentaries, contributors are taken from government bodies, NGOs, professional bodies and member associations.


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Our business documentaries cover a variety of topics, including investing in high growth  markets such as the BRICS countries, infrastructure projects, innovative engineering, exporting, facilities management, developing a low carbon economy, building a sustainable business and UK advanced manufacturing. The programmes are broadcast on the Sky and Freesat television platforms.  In addition, our online documentaries are available to view for free on the websites of Government departments, NGOs and professional bodies.